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A&S Welding Services offers an alternative approach to Resources and Managing projects. All personnel are highly qualified and certified, by independent third party witness authorities. A&S Personnel integrate into Clients environment to provide with valuable resource to meet your project requirements with quality and efficiency. A&S Welding Services is offering for assist on projects fabrication, installation and insulation services on sites, depending on client requirements.

A&S is responsible prior to, meet the Health and Safety Client requirements and capability.

A&S Welding Services offers:
Installation, Process & Piping Design
Structural Services Including Assembling and maintenance on site
Services Electrical & Instrumentation
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The quality and technical control of welding activities is a key condition to ensure the safety, quality and efficiency of our installations and constructions. A&S performs with highly skilled and certified welders with confident welding tasks:

• Welding of different scope and complexity;
• Advise on technical requirements of welding technology;
• Compile specifications of welding procedures and draft technology schemes;
• Development of new technologies of welding and thermal processing;
• Supervision and coordination of welding works;
• Testing and upgrading of welder qualifications.


Assisted to our Clients with fabrication, Oil tanks and food processing projects.

Fabrication and installation of Thermal server, Chillers on site:

Piping (Ammonia, Gas, Steam, Chilled and Hot Water lines)
Insulation with finish aluminum cladding
Pressure Testing (NDT Testing)
Include the welding seamless steel and carbon steel.
ABS Plastic Install

A&S Assisted full Maintenance of dryer, conveyor belt change including all ancillary fittings and associated works.


Registered office: 4 Denbigh Rd.,
Norwich NR2 3AA
United Kingdom

Email for Inquiries:

Dear Prospective Client,

Thank You for the opportunity to give us to provide our services that offered by A & S WELDING SERVICES LTD. We still operate and looking forward to offering a wide range on the basis of contracting, subcontracting and outsourcing of human resources. We offer services in a variety of industries such as oil & gas industry, food industry, heat production and supply industry, gas supply/distribution industry, chemical industry. Our experienced team ensures cost-effective and on-time delivery of complex and challenging projects.


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